Broker Builder Solutions’ new strategic solution to streamline the audit and reconciliation process when auditing data between two excel or csv files.

Our easy-to-use one stop platform allows for uploading and comparing data in two files identifying discrepancies in a matter of seconds, with features to allow for communicating information between auditor and verifier as well as a merge functionality to allow users of all skillsets to quickly merge data sets from two separate files.

No More:

Fancy excel formulas

Spending hours to manipulate data

Relying on antiquated systems to analyze large sets of data for disparities

Password protecting and uploading disparities to secure portals for access and communication


Partnering with human resource professionals and benefits brokers to streamline the Implementation and Support of Benefits Administration software.

Providing tools and resources to guarantee data integrity, enrollment accuracy and carrier premium payments through our cloud-based Self Service Audit Data Validation Platform


Streamlining the arduous and time consuming process of auditing and reconciling carrier invoicing or census data to the benefits administration, payroll or HRIS system.


Introducing Data Validation Platform, a cloud-based Self Service Audit Solution proven to identify disparities between the carrier invoice or census and the benefits administration, payroll or HRIS System in a matter of seconds.


Utilizing the data validation platform to cross reference 4888 lines of carrier data and 4849 lines of benefits administration enrollment data in Excel to include covered employees and dependant that were enrolled in a dental plan, we were able to identify 68 issues in less than 20 minutes.


– Identified 68 issues in 10,000+ lines of data within 20 minutes
– Guarantee enrollment accuracy going into subsequent billing cycle
– Avoid $1447.96 in premium over-payment which equates to approximately $18K in annual savings to the company.
– 3.5 hour time savings to the auditor

The Data Validation Platform powered by Broker Builder Solutions helped us deliver an auditing solution to our clients. This system is easy to use, and we can obtain discrepancies and missing data within minutes vs a manual process. This added feature has allowed us to save time and make our clients happy.

Courtney Gaston-Face