Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl (Daphney) who built an organization dedicated to servicing the Benefits and technology ecosystem.  Through providing these services and working closely with employee benefits brokers, carriers, human resource professionals, and payroll vendors,  she found that all systems being used to communicate and exchange enrollment data were only good if the data put into them was clean.

She understood that data accuracy could be compromised as updates were made to the system of record and because the data flow from system to system often varies, this poses additional risks of data being out of sync.

The girl made Data Auditing a priority and in doing so while there were several tools to help with the audit workflow, the process could become grueling and convoluted, often taking hours sometimes days to identify data discrepancies.

There had to be a better way….

The girl quickly got to work with one of her more technical team members (Mary), to develop a program to streamline the audit process for the entire team.

After facing several challenges with the desktop-based program, the girl quickly sought out a prior colleague (Joe) with Full Stack Development experience. Together they worked diligently to produce a self-service web-based audit solution. After 2 years of grueling labor, the Data Validation Platform was born in August of 2021. The feature-rich platform has and will continue to evolve with feedback from our subscribers and other players within the Benefits industry ecosystem.

Our team is dedicated to providing a cost-effective and streamlined software that allows members of the Benefits industry ecosystem to create the atomic habit of leveraging technology to take the audit process from manual to modern.